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Live and work more simply, more efficiently and more peacefully


  • Decluttering - Reducing and removing clutter

  • Reorganizing a space for a better flow

  • Creating personalized systems to improve functionality

  • Organizing home and storage area

  • Organizing paper - Creating filing systems

Voilà! Organizing Services / Move Management Services Penticton
  • Home Staging - Preparing your house for sale

  • Vacation rental management help

Living room ♦ Dining room ♦ Kitchen ♦ Pantry ♦ Bedroom ♦ Children's room ♦ Bathroom ♦ Office ♦ Closets ♦ Storage room ♦ Craft room

Laundry room ♦ Garage ♦ Basement ♦ Shed ♦ Attic ♦ Entire house ♦ Shop ♦ Business storage areas

Decluttering and reorganizing spaces in a beautiful and functional way
Creating simple organizing systems that are easy for you to maintain
Using what you already own instead of buying new things
Helping you to pack and unpack for a smooth moving experience
Guiding you through the organization of your move for a peaceful state of mind
Staging and creating beautiful houses that can be sold at their maximum value


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Voilà! A Great Coset Cleanup - Organizing Closets Penticton - Professional Organizer
A great closet cleanup

Can you imagine how amazing it could be to wake up, walk to your closet and right there in front of you are all your favourite clothes on display. You can pick the perfect outfit with ease, to make you feel comfortable and beautiful for any occasion. The functionality of your closet can save you time and stress when you need it the most.

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Voilà! An Orderly Home Office - Office Organizing - Professional Organizer Penticton
An orderly home office

Having your home office organized will help you to be much more focused on what’s important and will increase your productivity. Voilà! can help you establish order and create an inspiring organized environment where managing your papers, documents and belongings have never been easier.

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A functional reorganized kitchen

How much time per day or week do you spend preparing meals, snacks, lunches, cleaning dishes and putting away groceries? How much easier and enjoyable would it be to spend all those hours in a clean and well organized kitchen? Imagine everything you need is at hand and easily found! Voilà! can make your cabinet, cupboard, drawers and pantry functional!

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Voilà! An "Easy To Find" Storage Area - Storage Organizing - Professional Organizer Penticton
A storage room creatively organized

How fantastic it would be to find what you are looking for quickly and easily, right when you need it, whether it is for crafts, tools, supplies, camping gear, batteries or candles during a black out. Voilà! can create simple personalized storage solutions that are easy for you to maintain.

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